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Moda Fabrics leads the way with innovative fabrics designed in-house and by many of the industry’s most popular designers and creative talents. 

Early Bird

Fleur de Noel

Frosted Flannels

Gradients Holiday

Grunge Basics

Hallo Harvest

Holiday Lodge


Kringle & Claus

Layer Cake-10" Squares

Little Tree

Purebred II


Snow Day


Sweet Christmas

The Print Shop

Zen Chic


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101 Maple Street Layer Cake


321 Blast Off *


Biscuits Gravy Picnic Panel


Chafarcani Charm Pack


Finnegan Jelly Roll?


Fleur De Noel Layer Cake


Frosted Flannels Fat Qtr Bundle 18"x22"


Frosted Flannels Layer Cake


Good Day Jelly Roll?


Gradients Holiday Dig Pan Black


Gradients Holiday Dig Pan Holid


Gradients Holiday Dig Pan Ice


Gradients Holiday Dig Pan Ice


Gradients Holiday Dig Pan Ruby




Grunge Basics Christmas Green


Grunge Basics Horizon Blue


Grunge Basics Kiwi


Grunge Basics Mustard


Grunge Basics Navy


Grunge Basics Red


Grunge Basics Sateen


Grunge Basics Scarlet


Grunge Basics Tangerine


Grunge Metallic Jelly Roll?


Hallo Harvest Aspen


Hallo Harvest Aspen


Hallo Harvest Maple


Hallo Harvest Raven


Holiday Lodge Kit


Holiday Lodge Panel Charcoal-24x44'


Home 24 x 44 Panel Cream


Home Column Cream


Home Fruitful Vine Slate


Home Jelly Roll?


Home Script Cream


Home Script Slate


Kringle & Claus Fat Qtr Bundle 18"x22"


Kringle Claus Layer Cake


Little Tree Fat Qtr Bundle 18"x22"


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